2016 Spring, Volume 17, Number 2

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Spring 2016, Volume 17, Number 2

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Women Leading Health Promotion: Innovations in Global Health
          Priya Banerjee

Pregnancy-Related Experiences of Bangladeshi Immigrant Women in the U.S.
          Kamrun N. Mustafa, Mark J. Kittleson

Health Worker Attitudes to Domestic Violence on the Tibetan Plateau: A Qualitative Assessment of Cultural and Material Factors behind Non-Interventionist Attitudes
          Hamsa Rajan, Ligia Kiss, Karen Devries, Cathy Zimmerman

Female Genital Mutilation: Current Practices and Perceptions in Somaliland
          Trista Dawn Smith, Cristina Redko, Nikki Rogers, Edna Adan Ismail

On the Front Lines of Prevention: Promotores de Salud and Their Role in Improving Primary Care for Latina Women, Families, and Communities
          Jody O. Early, Sloane Burke-Winkelmann, Aditi Joshi