2016 Spring, Volume 17, Number 1

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Spring 2016, Volume 17, Number 1

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Role of Public Health Education in Addressing Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: A Global Crisis
          Deborah A. Fortune

Physical Activity Among Chinese School Youth 1997–2011: A Longitudinal Study
          Ying Li, Hui Bian, Bingqing Wang

Youth-Driven Innovation in Sanitation Solutions for Maasai Pastoralists in Tanzania: Conceptual Framework and Study Design
          Sheri Bastien, Erin Hetherington, Jennifer Hatfield, Susan Kutz, Mange Manyama

Breast Self-Examination Education among Dominican Women: A Pilot Study
          Robin M. White, Laurie Camper

A Bosnian Refugee Community’s Hidden Capacity in Preparation for a Natural Disaster in the United States
          Huaibo Xin, Ajlina Karamehic-Muratovic, David Cluphf

The GOLD Card: Evaluation of an Instrument to Improve Health Literacy and Promote Patient-Centered Care in Urban Vietnam
          Minh-Tri H. Nguyen, Ashley K. Fernandes