2015 Spring, Volume 16, Number 1

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Spring 2015, Volume 16, Number 1

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Young Adult Smokers Perceptions of the Influence of Physical Activity on their Smoking Patterns
          Randi L. Ray, Alain P. Gauthier, Patricia Pickard, Elizabeth F. Wenghofer, Nancy L. Young

Factors Affecting Receipt of Nutrition Information Among a Select Group of University Students in the United States
          Ann Hallyburton, April Tallant

Beliefs About eHealth Communication and Preferred eHealth Strategies Among Middle- and Older-Aged Adults in Taiwan
          Su-I Hou, Peng-Hsi Hou

Assessing the Influence of Season and Time of Day on Physical Activity Levels During Recess
          Bridget J. Jaunzarins, Alain P. Gauthier, Kenneth D. King, Céline Larivière, Sandra C. Dorman

Theater and Health: Results from “Dulce and the Good Life”
          Kathy Bussert-Webb, Mary G Curtis

Global Health: Chartering a New Mission for Health Education Specialists
          Miguel Perez, Deborah Fortune, Raffy Luquis