2012, Volume 15, Number 1

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Note: Published as The International Electronic Journal of Health Education

Table of Contents


The Anti-tobacco Movement of Nazi Germany: A Historiographical Re-Examination
          Basil Aboul-Enein

Assessing the Importance of Social and Environmental Supports for Leisure-time Physical Activity in a Unique Socio-Cultural and Geographical Context
          Alain P. Gauthier, Michel Larivière, Raymond Pong, Susan J. Snelling, Nancy L. Young

A Tailored Wellness Intervention for College Students Using Internet-Based Technology: A Pilot Study
          Allesandro Quartiroli, Sam Zizzi

Psychometric Evaluation of a Chinese Version of the eHealth Literacy Scale (eHEALS) in School Age Children
          Malcolm Koo, Cameron D. Norman, Hsiao-Mei Chang

National Implementation of an Evidence-Based HIV Prevention and Reproductive Health Program for Bahamian Youth
          Valerie Knowles, Linda Kaljee, Lynette Deveaux, Sonja Lunn, Glenda Rolle, Bonita Stanton

The Process of Adapting an Australian Antenatal Group-Based Parenting Program to Japanese and Vietnamese Public Service Settings
          Aya Goto, Yuriko Suzuki, Hiroshi Tsutomi, Vinh Quang Nguyen, Tu Van Thi Nguyen, Sachiko Yamazaki, Keiko Okazaki, Tuyet Hong Thi Nguyen,
          Hoa Quoc Hoang, Seiji Yasumura

Global HIV Prevention Programs for Long-Haul Truckers: Considerations for the U.S.
          Sloane Burke Winkleman, Sitawa R. Kimuna, Melissa Haithcox-Dennis

Black Families’ Lay Views on Health and the Implications for Health Promotion: A Community-Based Study in the UK
          Bertha Ochieng

Mhealth on Campus: Assessing Undergraduates’ Attitudes and Utilization of Mobile Health Applications
          Melissa Haithcox-Dennis, Jason Brinkley, Alice Richman, Amanda DeWeese, James L. Byrd III

Multiple Health Behaviors and Psychological Well-being of Chinese Female Undergraduate Students
          Hui Bian, Jingjin Wu, Yan Li, Erin Largo-Wight

The Impact of Occupational Hazard Information on Employee Health and Safety: An Analysis by Professional Sectors in Spain
          Miguel Angel Mariscal Saldaria, Susana Garcia Herrero, Javier Garcia Rodriguez, Dale Ritzel

Online Health Information (OHI) Utilization among Selected Worksite Employees in Taiwan
          Su-I Hou, Tun-Jen Hsiao, Peng-Hsi Hou

Post-Project Assessment of Community-supported Emergency Transport Systems for Health Care Services in Tanzania
          Indu B. Ahluwalia, Lisa Vallely, Juliana Myeya, Lukumay Ngitoria, Victor Kitambi, Alfreda Kabakama

Reducing Overweight and Obesity among Elementary Students in Wuhan, China
          Ling Qian, Ian M. Newman, Duane F. Shell, Cheng Maojin Cheng

Online Discussion about Sexuality Education in Schools
          James T. Broadbear, Barbara C. Broadbear

Smartphone Technology and Apps: Rapidly Changing Health Promotion
          Cynthia Kratzke, Carolyn Cox

Stress and Communication across Cultural Boundaries in the U.S. Location of a Chinese Business
          Yuanying Liang, Robert Jecklin

Twitter as a Tool to Warn Others about Sobriety Checkpoints: A Pilot Observational Study
          Christopher M. Seitz, Mushin Michael Orsini, Melodie Fearnow-Kenney, Kiki Hatzudis, David L. Wyrick