2007, Volume 10, Number 1

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Note: Published as The International Electronic Journal of Health Education

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Health Behaviors and Protective factors of School Students Aged 13-15 Years Old in Four Cities of China
          Benchun Tian, Wei Zhang, Ling Qian, Shuhong Lv, Xiangyang Tian, Guanglian Xiong, Weihong Yan, Xinwei Zhang, Laurie K. Kann, Leanne Riley

Fast Food and Body Weight among Adolescents
          Cody Ding, Sue Parks

Predictors of Mexican colonia residents’ health perceptions and spirituality level: A pilot study
          Elliott Pauli, Linda Synovitz, Ralph Wood, Keri Diez, Ann Carruth

Engaging Youth to Examine Lifestyle Behaviors through Authentic Research with University Partnerships
          Genevieve Bardwell, Priscah Mujuru, Cindy Fitch, George Seidel, Wen Hu, Kalifa Sogodogo, Ann Chester

Can email prompting minimize the decrease in wintertime physical activity levels?
          Gary Ligouri, Arupendra Mozumdar

Breastfeeding Education, Support, and Barriers among Iraqi Refugee Women in Jordan
          Hala Madanat, Heather Farrell, Ray Merrill

A Review of Obesity and its Relationship with the Built Environment: Implications for Health Educators
          Helda Pinzon-Perez

Educating Masters of Public Health Students on Tobacco Control and Prevention: An Integrated Curriculum Approach
          John Lowe, Mary Aquilino, Erin Abramsohn

Entering the Blogosphere: Blogs as Teaching and Learning Tools in Health Education
          Jody Oomen-Early, Sloane Burke

Simulation to Practice: Developing Nursing Skills in Mental Health : An Australian Perspective
          Karen-leigh Edward, Julie Hercelinskyj, Philip Warelow, Ian Munro

Web-Based Physical Activity Intervention for College-Aged Women
          Lynne Ornes, Lynda B. Ransdell

Advertising a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’: A Cypriot Health Education Project
          Soula Ioannou

A Survey of Greek Elementary School Students’ Smoking Habits and Attitudes
          Stylianos M. Piperakis, Fotini Karagouni-Areou, Anastasia Triga, Alexander S. Piperakis, Efthimia Argyracouli, Aggeliki Thanou, Basiliki Papadimitriou,
          Konstantinos Gourgoulianis, Maria Zafiropoulou

Heterosexual STI/HIV Risk Assessment Among Bolivian Truck Drivers Using Mixed Methodology
          William Sorenson, Peter B. Anderson, Richard Speaker, Saul Menacho, Jose Enrique Vilches

Developing a Public Health Training and Research Partnership between Japan and Vietnam
          Aya Goto, Nguyen Quang Vinh, Nguyen Thi Tu Van, Trinh Huu Phuc, Pham Nghiem Minh, Seji Yasumura, Nguyen Thi Khue

A Needs Assessment for Health Care Professionals in the Detection, Intervention and Interdisciplinary Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa Using Focus Group Methodology
          Anne Hague, Joann Kavacich

Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Health Informatics Masters Program at KSAU-HS University, Saudi Arabia
          Majid Altuwaijri

Measuring Nutritional Intake of Adolescents in Ghana, West Africa
          Andrew Owusu, Peggy O’Hara Murdock, Normal L. Weatherby

Ties that Work: The Interaction between Group Assignment Method and a Culturally-relevant Curriculum in the Context of Middle School Anti-tobacco Program
          Brian V. Carolan, Jennifer B. Unger, C. Anderson Johnson, Thomas W. Valente