2004, Volume 7, Number 1

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Note: Published as The International Electronic Journal of Health Education

Table of Contents


The Use of Technology by Students at an HBCU Bruce M. Ragon, Ph.D.
          Bruce M. Ragon

Influence of Self-Efficacy on Fat-Related Dietary Behavior in Chinese Americans
          Doreen Liou

Acceptability and Appeal of a Web-based Smoking Prevention Intervention for Adolescents
          Amy E. Parlove, Joan E. Cowdery, Sarah L. Hoerauf

College Students’ Distorted Perceptions of Drug Dangers:Overestimation and Underestimation of Licit and Illicit Drugs
          Joseph Donnelly, Wendy Hollenbeck, Carolyn Eadie, David F. Duncan, Norm Eburne

Readability of Health Sites on the Internet
          Rosemary Gottlieb, Janet L. Rogers

The Impact of A Computerized Dietary Assessment On Nutrition Knowledge
          Katherine Elizabeth Hensleigh, James M. Eddy, Min Qi Wang, Darwin Dennison, J. Don Chaney

Focus Group Assessment of Culturally Specific Cholesterol- Lowering Menus for Mexican Americans
          M. Shah, Y. Coyle, A. Kavanaugh, B. Adams-Huet, P. E. Lipsky

Evaluation of an HIV/AIDS Education Training Workshop in Honduras
          Michael Young, Marcia Ball, Jennie Cerullo, Mark Kelley

Priority Health Behavior Practices Among Chinese Undergraduate Students
          Ping H. Johnson

HIV and STD Knowledge, Sexual Behaviors and Drug Taking Behaviors of Adolescents in southern Russia
          R. Mark Kelley, Marcia Ball, Jennie Cerullo, Elena Trunova