2002, Volume 5, Number 1

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Note: Published as The International Electronic Journal of Health Education

Table of Contents


Trends in Utilization of Herbal Medicine: Implications for Health Education
          Behjat A. Sharif

Food Safety: An International Public Health Issue
          Carol Byrd-Bredbenner

Demographics and Diversity of Central and Western US Worksite Health Promotion Professionals: A Pilot Study
          Kristi Goldsmith, Maria Godefroid, Jacqueline Hooper, Carolyn Cox

Taking Risks: The Provision of School Health Services by School Secretaries in a Rural State
          Carl Hanson, Ernesto Randolfi, Vicki Olson-Johnson

E-Portfolios: Their Creation and Use by Pre-service Health Educator
          James F. McKenzie, Michael J. Cleary, Bonita L. McKenzie, Carrie E. Stephen

A Cross-cultural Comparison of Health Promoting Behaviors Among College Students
          Steven R. Hawks, Hala N. Madanat, Ray M. Merrill, Marylinn B. Goudy, Takeo Miyagawa

Sexuality and Older Adults: A Web-Based Resource for Health Educators
          Mary Jane Tremethick, Ladonna Tornabene, Carol Eibes

Planning and Delivering a University Online Course: Administrative, Technological, and Educational Perspectives
          Mark A. Temple, Paulette J. Miller, Marylin J. Morrow, Bette B. Keyser