2001, Volume 4, Number 1

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Note: Published as The International Electronic Journal of Health Education

Table of Contents


Breast Cancer in Germany: A Health Education Perspective
          Arlene Calvo

A Comparison of Drug Use Behavior by Selected U.S. and German School Youth
          Anja Langness, Klaus Klein

The Dietary Fiber and Fat Intake, Dietary Fat Avoidance Patterns, and Diet-Disease Knowledge of College Women
          Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, Mary Finckenor

Conducting Public Health Research on the World Wide Web
          Jay V Schindler, Cheryl Middleton

Internet Use Policies and Implications for Health Education: A Survey of Nebraska School Board Presidents
          David Dennison, David Corbin, Manoj Sharma, Neal Grandgenett

The Elderly Woman and Osteoporosis
          Dale O Ritzel, Klaus Klein, Carol Ackermann, Pardess Easter

Assessing Educational Administrators’ Knowledge about HIV Transmission
          David P Ruggles, Phyllis McCowen, Bruce M Ragon, Mark J Kittleson

Improving School Success for Students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
          DawnElla M Rust, Rodney G. G Bowden

Intimate Partner Violence in College Students: A Cross- Cultural Comparison
          Ellen M Daley, Virginia J Noland

Bundeszentrale Für Gesundheitliche Aufklärung (Bzga) [Federal Centre for Health Education] Tasks and Objectives
          Elisabeth Pott, Heike Ettischer, Harald Lehmann, Helene Reemann

A Mother’s Guide to Prevention: Ways to Help Your Children Grow Up Drug-Free
          Elaine Rapp

Health Promotion and Wellness Programs As a Generalized Investment in Human Capital
          Gregory O Ginn, Jean Henry

History and Development of the Doctrine of Informed Consent Hana Osman, MSSW
          Hana Osman

Tailoring Messages and Design in a Web-Based Skin Cancer Prevention Intervention
          Jay M Bernhardt

The Components of a Successful Company Occupational Safety and Health Program in a TQM Setting
          Omie Shepherd, Dale O Ritzel, Mark J Kittleson

Men’s Perceptions Of Health Education Methods Used In Promoting Their Health In Relation To Cancer
          Paul Fleming, Arlene Spiers, Gerard McElwee, Maeve O’Gorman

The Role of the Church in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS
          Paul D Sarvela, Mark J Kittleson, Laura A Rowald

Comparisons of Cholesterol Screening Participants and Non-participants in a University Setting
          Rodney G Bowden

Quality of Life Issues Among a Small Sample of Persons Living with HIV Disease in a Rural Area
          Richard E Cain

Social Support and Symptom Etiology: Implications for Patient Education
          Steven R Hawks, Amy Ann Croney

Nutritional Product Development: Integration With Diet Analysis Software
          Susan J Massad

Postpartum Depression Causes and Correlates
          Tracie Merritt, Michelle Wolper, Sara Kuppin

Understanding Adolescent Anxiety Disorders: What Teachers, Health Educators, and Practitioners Should Know and Do
          William T Hey, Donna L Bailey, Kristine Stouffer