2000, Volume 3, Number 1

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Note: Published as The International Electronic Journal of Health Education

Table of Contents


Identification of the Health Educator’s Role in the Management of Fibromyalgia Syndrome Through an Examination of Patients’ Needs
          Amy L Bernard, Alice Prince, Patricia A Edsall

When Self-Pleasuring Becomes Self-Destruction: Autoerotic Asphyxiation Paraphilia
          Andrew P Jenkins

Development of Conflict Resolution Skills in Infancy and Early Childhood
          Barbara C Broadbear, James T Broadbear

Understanding and Managing Job Stress: A Vital Dimension of Workplace Violence Prevention
          Behjat A Sharif

Developing a Tool for Youth AIDS Education, The HIV-Specific Health Risk Assessment
          Cynthia J Petri, Brian F Geiger, Jiang (JoAnn) Lan, Scott D Winnail

Dissemination and Utilization of an Immunization Curriculum for Middle Schools in California
          Deborah Glik, Emil Berkanovic, Fiona Macpherson, Kathleen Strone, Darcy Ratner, Marcy Connell Jones

Silicosis on the Internet
          Dale O Ritzel

Tips for Working in Public Health Education
          Elaine Ricketts

Focus Group Interviews with College Students about Binge Drinking
          James T Broadbear, Terrence P O’Toole, Lisa K Angermeier-Howard

Redefining Classroom Management through Tai Chi: It’s All About Fluidity and Balance
          Joseph Donnelly, Wendy Hollenbeck, Norm Eburne

Understanding the Modalities of Complementary and Alternative Asthma Treatments: What Every Health Educator Needs To Know
          Karen M Perrin, Karen S Dindial

Leader Gender and Group Functioning in the Sexuality Education Discussion Group
          Lyndall Ellingson, Catherine Sherwood-Puzzello

“Does This Stuff Work?” When Health Educators Discuss Dietary Supplements
          Mike Perko, Darwin Dennison

The Faith Community as a Delivery System for Technology
          Mary Sutherland, Chris Muire, Cynthia Bowman

Self-Esteem and Adolescent Sexual Behavior Among Students at an Elite Bolivian School
          Jennifer Morris, Michael Young, Chester Jones

Charting Your Course: Formative Evaluation of a Prostate Cancer Treatment Decision Aid
          Susan G Brink, Amelia J Birney, Ann E McFarren

A Guide for Making Presentations of Health Proposals
          Thomas Tai-Seale, Hilary Tyler

Teacher Perceptions of a Curriculum-Infused Tobacco Prevention Program for Grades 4 Through 6
          Vivien Carver, Bonita Reinert, Lillian M Range, Catherine Campbell

Child Death Review Team Findings: Implications for Health Educators
          Virginia J Noland, Brenda Morissette Joly, Karen D Liller

HIV-Related Knowledge and Behavior of Commercial Sex Workers: A Tale of Three Cities
          Wayne W Westhoff, Robert J McDermott, Derek R Holcomb