1999, Volume 2, Number 1

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Note: Published as The International Electronic Journal of Health Education

Table of Contents


An Examination of SABPAC-Approved Programs
          Jodi Brookins-Fisher, A. J. Pope

Assessing the Perceived Importance of Preparing Health Educators to Teach Adult Learners
          Helen M. Welle-Graf, Catherine A. Hansman

Dispelling Myths about HIV Transmission: An Exploration of Risk Appraisal and Self-Responsibility
          Joseph Donnelly, Norman Eburne, Carolyn Eadie

Abstinence Attitudes and Behaviors in Peer Educators: Risk and Protective Factors
          Joseph Donnelly, Carolyn Eadie, George Denny, Eva A. Goldfarb

Research Studies in Two Health Education Journals, 1988- 1997: Targets and Methodologies
          Kele Ding, Ping Hu

Examining Diversity
          Kristin Adams, Priya Banerjee, Alicia Battle, Pat Dunegan, Karl Larson, Will Shaner

Childhood Obesity: A Multifaceted Etiology
          Kristine Stouffer, Steve M. Dorman

Testing and Measurement in College/University Based Basic First Aid and Emergency Care
          Michael D. Ballard, Robert H. Kirk, Susan M. Smith

Physical Activity: An Update for Health Educators
          Mary K. Dinger

A Simple Guide to Putting Evaluation Assessments Onto the Web
          Mark J. Kittleson

The Cost of Professionalism
          Mark J. Kittleson

Preservice School Health Educators Perceptions of Homosexuality
          Mark A. Temple, Adrian R. Lyde

Employers’ Perceived Importance And Use of Skills That Are Specific to Health Educators: A Replication Study in a Rural Setting
          Srijana M. Bajracharya

Instructional Technology and Patient Education: Assimilating Theory into Practice
          Tami H. Wyatt

Data Processing Across the Internet: A Model for Design
          William J. Montelpare, Moira N. McPherson

Book Reviews

Fitness Through Aerobics
          Hector M. Quinones

Step Up to Wellness: A Stage-Based Approach
          Debbe Thompson

Discovering Me: A Guide to Teaching Health and Building Adolescents’ Self-esteem
          Whitney Boling

Interviews / Profiles

The “Health Educator’s Health Educator:” An Interview with Loren B. Bensley, Jr., Ed.D.
          Robert J. Bensley