1998, Volume 1, Number 1

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Note: Published as The International Electronic Journal of Health Education

Table of Contents


Working With a “Vet”
          Bobby J. Craig

Go Ask Alice!
          Billie J. Lindsey, Janet Kim

Frequency of Condom Use Among College Students: A Social Cognitive Theory Based Explanation
          Catherine Schuster

The Adult Health & Development Program: Bridging the Racial Gap
          Catherine M. Welch

Internet-based Post Secondary Health Education Instruction
          David Foulk

Successful Aging
          Debra C. Guenther

What a University Students Learn in an Intergenerational, Holistic, Service Learning Health Promotion Program
          Daniel Leviton

Health Behavior: The Implications of a Holistic Paradigm of Thinking Through Bodymind Research
          Don Read, Walt Stoll

Teaching Online Consumer Health Skills
          Ernesto A. Randolfi

Serum Cholesterol Auto-assay: Catalyst For Dietary Change?
          J. Frederick Garman, Dina M. Hayduk, William Imschweiler, Nevin L. Posey

Shifting the View: Observations of An American Health Educator in Russia
          Kathleen J. Welshimer

Development And Evaluation of Computer Assisted Instruction on Computer Literacy
          Lynn L. Miller

A Review of Soy Isoflavones and Health: Implications for Health Educators
          Danette L. Morgan

Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques in Planning and Evaluating a Community-Wide Project to Prevent Adolescent Pregnancy
          Michelle C. Kegler, Sharon Rodine, Kenneth McLeroy, Roy Oman

Selected Critical Measurement and Statistical Issues in Health Education Evaluation and Research
          Mohammad R. Torabi, Kele Ding

The Politics of Abstinence Education: From Reagan’s Title XX to Welfare Reform’s Title V
          Michael Young, William Bailey

The Potential Of Technology In Health Education: In Recognition Of The First HEDIR Award
          Robert S. Gold

Make It Safe: An Injury Prevention Program for Hispanic Farm Workers and Families at Work and Play
          Robin Nawrot, Russell Wright

HIV Education and Contraceptive Planning Among At-Risk Postpartum Women in an Underserved Area
          Rosalind L. Thompson, Janet L. Mitchell, Betty W. Carrington, Pearila B. Namerow, Tania Gordon

Information Giving: Effects on Birth Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction
          Sandra A. Smith

Working With a Female Michael Jordan
          Tamara N. Staten

Book Reviews

Promoting Teen Health: Linking Schools, Health Organizations, and Community
          Dixie Atkinson

Interviews / Profiles

An Interview with Carl J. Peter, M.P.H., Ph.D., CHES Professor Emeritus, Western Illinois University Spring 1998
          Donald L. Calitri

An Interview With Robert Russell, Emeritus Professor – Southern Illinois University, Fall 1997
          Mal D. Goldsmith

An Interview with Ann E. Nolte, Ph.D., CHES, FASHA Distinguished Professor Emerita
          Marylin J. Morrow

An Interview with Dr. Peter Cortese
          Richard M. Eberst