Dr. Ann E. Nolte Writing Award Nomination

Ann E. Nolte, PhD, CHES was a Distinguished Professor Emerita of Health Education, Illinois State University and past president of the American Association for Health Education (AAHE). Dr. Nolte was a national leader in health education for nearly five decades having begun her work at the national level as the associate director of the School Health Education Study (SHES) Project based in Washington, D.C. from 1966-1970.

Dr. Nolte’s distinguished career in health education includes numerous achievements, honors and awards.

One of Nolte’s most significant achievements was the development of the health education program at Illinois State University (ISU). She was the first faculty member of the program and a professor at ISU from 1973 until her retirement in 1990. In 1987, Illinois State University named her Distinguished Professor. Dr. Nolte was the first woman professor at ISU elevated to this position. Her interdisciplinary Distinguished Professor paper on the area now known as “neuropsychoimmunology” served as a harbinger of the movement known as “positive psychology.” Always thinking ahead led her to lay the groundwork for establishment of an interdisciplinary graduate study in Public Health at Illinois State. Her vision included entrepreneurship, information sciences and proactive health education to create better businesses and better communities through applied positive psychology and health education.

Dr. Nolte’s contribution to AAHE were numerous throughout the decades, including the original name of AAHE – the Association for the Advancement of Health Education – which she suggested to the 1973-1974 association leaders. She was a continuous member of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance from 1950 through 2009 and her association affiliation was AAHE. She served as the president-elect and president of AAHE from 1978-1982. In 1978 Nolte received the AAHE Professional Service Award and in 1983 she was selected as the AAHE Scholar. She was a Presidential Citation recipient in 1987 and was inducted as a Charter Fellow of AAHE in 1998. Nolte served as the AAHE Historian from 1974 until her death. Nolte also received the Honor Award (1984) and R. Tait McKenzie Award (1988) from the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. Recognition of her contributions to the profession from other professional societies included being named the Distinguished Fellow of the Society (1992) from the Society for Public Health Education; the Warren E. Schaller Presidential Citation (1990) and the National Honor Award (1985) from Eta Sigma Gamma; and the Distinguished Service Award from the American School Health Association (1977). She was named a Fellow of the American School Health Association and the American Association for Health Education. Nolte was one of the founders of the Foundation for the Advancement of Health Education in 1991 and served as a member of the Board until her death. (Taylor, Francis Online, 2013)

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Dr. Ann E. Nolte Writing Award Nomination

The Foundation for the Advancement of Health Education (FAHE) is seeking nominations for the Ann E. Nolte Writing Award.  This award recognizes authors or organizations that make a significant contribution to the profession of health education and promotion through a publication focused on (a) the future of health education and health promotion, (b) philosophical/ethical issues, or (c) history relevant to the profession.  We invite your nominations for this award - nominations should meet the following requirements:

  1. Demonstrates a significant contribution to health education/health promotion literature.
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