2020 Terminology Survey Update

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We are requesting your help with the 2020 Terminology Survey Update

Every ten years, representatives of the health education/promotion associations engage in the task of defining terms that are key to our work. Having well defined and widely accepted essential terms help health education and promotion professionals communicate.

As a valuable member of the health education/promotion profession, the 2020 Terminology Committee, appointed by the Coalition of the National Health Education Organizations (CNHEO), is requesting your involvement. We are seeking a review and update of the current list of health education/promotion terms.

Due to the length of the 2020 Terminology Survey that was sent out to the profession in early March, we have reissued it along with the ability to save the survey and complete it at multiple sittings.   We have provided a link to the survey and a QR code as well.  If you completed the survey and submitted it earlier in March or April please do not complete the survey again.  However, if you started the survey and exited prior to completion then please give us a second chance.  Thank you for your patience and for your assistance in this important project. 
Donna Videto and Dixie Dennis, Co-Chairs 2020 Terminology Survey.   

By going to the 2020 Terminology Survey link, you are agreeing to voluntarily participate.

Link for the revised terminology 2020 survey 

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